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Trainers Needed to Teach SEI Course and/or Workshops

Ribas Associates is a training and consulting company the works with school districts in Massachusetts. We have been in business for 14 years providing teacher and administrator training and district consulting to over 100 Massachusetts School Districts. You can find information about our organization at our website

In 2015 we opened two new "departments." One is a consultant group that trains paraprofessionals. The second is the special education consultant group that trains general education and special education teachers and paraprofessionals and provides consultation services to districts. These initiatives have been very successful as we are now one of the largest providers of these programs in Massachusetts.

We have started work on the development of an English Language Learning Department. We have already taken our first steps toward obtaining ESE approvals.

Massachusetts ESE regulations now require all teachers and administrators to take an SEI course or endorsement program and we anticipate demand for this work from our clients. .


Why Is It Beneficial to Do Training as Part of the Ribas Associates Team?

ESE has requested that we provide a plan for being one of their training organizations. We are a known entity with 14 years successful experience as an ESE vendor.

    1. Training organizations must have approved training locations, registration staff, and financial accounting staff. We have all of these requirements. You do not have to worry about all of these logistics and requirements. Our highly qualified office staff already does this for our 15 trainers.
    2. Trainers need to provide two comprehensive proposals to ESE for approval. Each proposal is between 10 and 20 pages long. We submit this proposal for each trainer.
    3. To receive approval training individuals and organizations need to have a plan approved by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for diversity hiring, contracting, and training. We have an approved plan.
    4. We have a $200,000 a year program that reaches out to districts that need service and connects our trainers with those districts. This includes weekly email contact with over 3000 Massachusetts administrators.
    5. We deal with all the contracting and payment with districts. Each month you receive payment for your work. You don't need to deal with collecting money or waiting the 90 days or longer it often takes districts to pay.
    6. We have contracts with universities so graduate credit can be given for our programs.
    7. We have our own server and online courseware platform for online courses and workshops.
    8. You are part of a group of high quality professionals. You can see the biographies our trainers at

If you are interested and would like more information please email Bill Ribas at
If you are ready to apply please email a resume and the names and phone numbers of two references to


Seeking a retired (or retiring) Special Educator to Teach Workshops About Concepts in Special Education to Regular Education Teachers and Special Education Paraprofessionals in Western Massachusetts. 

Job Description: a special educator to provide training to general education teachers and paraprofessionals in basic concepts on special education that will increase the effectiveness of these educators when working with special needs students. The trainer will develop and teach one day workshop programs such as the two described below. The trainer must be able to service school districts in Massachusetts from West of Worcester to the New York border. The trainer must be available to teach workshops during the school day and also during the weeks after school closes in June and before school opens in August.

Compensation: The consultant will receive between $700 to $750 a day (depending on group size) for full day workshops and $450 to $500 a day (depending on group size) for half day workshops.


    • Licensed and experienced in the area of special education in Massachusetts.
    • Experience as a workshop presenter
    • Engaging presentation style

To Apply : Send resume and the name and phone number of two references to:

Annmarie Flaherty at

Below are examples of two workshops developed by our Eastern MA consultant.

Working with Special Education Students I: Overview of Disabling Conditions in the Classroom

After this workshop, the participants will be able to:

    • Identify the federal and State of MA Disability Categories
    • Explain the difference between providing a modification and an accommodation
    • Identify the components of an IEP
    • Discuss the various roles of the paraprofessional in a public school setting and the legal limitations of the para role
    • Explain the importance of confidentiality
    • Practice effective strategies for communicating with both general and special education teachers and team building

Working with Special Education Students II: Working in Classrooms with Students with Neurological and Emotional Disorders

After this workshop, participants will be able to

    • Explain the various aspects of Autism Spectrum Disorder and what to expect when working with a student with this diagnosis
    • Explain the various aspects of ADD and ADHD and what to expect when supporting a students with this diagnosis
    • Demonstrate strategies that support a student with emotional and/or behavioral challenges in the classroom


Ribas Associates is a leading provider of professional development, consulting and publication services designed to improve educator effectiveness and student performance.

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