Online Fall 2017: Teacher and Specialized Instructional Support Personnel Evaluation That Works I

Dates:September 10 - December 17, 2017
/ 14 weekly online sessions
Teacher and Specialized Instructional Support Personnel Evaluation That Works I: Observation (short and long), Multiple Data Sources Analysis, Teacher Interviews, Rating and Documenting Performance
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College Credit Option:  There is an addtional  cost for obtaining 3 college credits. College credits are offered through Fitchburg State University for $285. This payment must be paid directly to the University.  Payment procedures for the college credits will be available when you log into the course on the Moodle website. Participants that do not  apply for College Credits will receive PDP certificate.

Time Frame: 14 weekly online sessions / Beginning the week of September 10 and ending week of December 17, 2017

 Materials Included in Course: 

  1. Ribas, W., Teacher Supervision and Evaluation That Works!!, third edition (2011): The Educational, Legal, Public Relations (Political), and Social Emotional Standards and Processes in Supervision and Evaluation
  2. Ribas, W., Deane, J., and Seider, S.: Instructional Practices That Maximize Student Achievement: For Teachers by Teachers, second edition (2017)
  3. Ribas, W., handout packet for Teacher Supervision and Evaluation That Works!!, third edition (2011), with 200 pages of supporting materials
  4. Free online access to the Ribas Associates paragraph bank, models improvement and directed growth plans, connection document, and conference question bank 

 Course Overveiw:

This program was developed to include all the components of evaluator training recommended by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. It aligns with ESE's 6 required modules for implementing the new system and applies the skills found on page 2 to your district's procedures, forms, and rubrics. 

These skills are taught for evaluating both teachers and specialized instructional support personnel (SISP) such as guidance counselors, psychologists, nurses, O.T.s, P.T.s. Lectures, discussions, in-class exercises including role-play in supervisory situations, case studies and practical experience through critiquing actual videotaped classroom lessons and teacher interview will be an integral part of this course. The materials used in this course are the most current on the market.

By the conclusion of the program the supervisor/evaluator will be able to:

  1. Explain why teacher evaluation is an essential component of teacher professional development designed to improve student achievement.
  2. Use common evaluator terminology across the district for communicating with teachers, specialized educational support personnel, and other evaluators.
  3. Gather the data needed to make objective and consistent (inter-rater reliability) judgments about a teacher's performance during short and long observations
  4. Gather multiple sources of data (including student assessment data) other than classroom observation to assess a teacher's and specialized instructional support personnel's performance
  5. Make objective and calibrated (with inter-rater reliability within and across schools) judgments supported by evidence
  6. Convert that data into standard, judgment, evidence, impact statement, and recommendation (S.J.E.I.R.) observation write-ups at an introductory mastery level
  7. Document and communicate with teachers judgments about teacher performance using the district's contracted teacher evaluation forms
  8. Use the online paragraph bank to increase inter-rater reliability and save time when documenting teacher performance at the guided practice level
  9. Use the connection document of observable behaviors and the teacher and SISP rubric to identify the specific observable behaviors related to all four standards.
  10. Describe the competencies a teacher needs for the effective implementation of the district teacher evaluation system
  11. Plan and execute effective teacher conferences/interviews that both gather evidence and provide clear and succinct performance feedback
  12. Save evaluators time by using the Ribas Associates online resources that include paragraphs banks, SMART Goals, and sample teacher plans




Beginning the week of September 10 and ending week of December 17, 2017


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