Instructional Practices That Maximize Student Achievement:

For Teachers, By Teachers. Third Edition (2017)
by William Ribas, Ph.D., Deborah A. Brady, Ph.D., Jalene Tamerat, M.A.T., Ed.M., Jennifer Antos Deane Ph.D., Colleen Billings M.A.T., and Victoria Greer Ph.D.

Ribas Publications copyright 2017
ISBN 13: 978-0-9976109-0-1
Sales price: $61.95


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Order the one book with the most current and comprehensive information for teachers and administrators on effective instructional strategies that align with all teacher performance rubrics (e.g. MA ESE, Danielson, Marzano, Marshall, RIDE, and all others). These are the strategies proven to promote the highest levels of student achievement. The 2017 edition contains 40% new material with new sections on social-emotional learning, planning, special education and UDL, English language learning, students and families from poverty, management including group and partner work, brain based teaching, student motivation, teacher collaboration and much more. This book contains both universal strategies for use across disciplines and content-specific strategies unique to each discipline. It is based on the latest research contained in almost 800 current educational books, journal articles, and research studies reviewed by the authors. This book also contains hundreds of practical classroom application ideas contributed by 45 educators from all grades in levels K-12. The teacher contributors also include teachers with experience in urban, suburban and rural schools and experience in all disciplines.


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