Job Opportunities

Special Education Trainer-Consultant

Ribas Associates is an educational consulting, training, and publishing company that has worked in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Maine for over 20 years. We work with over 150 school districts in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. We are looking for a person to do training and consulting in the various areas of special education. You can find our website at

Required Qualifications:

  • License and teaching experience in special education in Massachusetts
  • Experience providing training to special education and general education teachers
  • Geographically located so you are willing to work in Massachusetts (Springfield to the East), Rhode Island, and Southern, NH (Concord and South)
  • Retired or semi-retired with availability to work in districts during weekdays
  • Must be willing to teach in-person (once vaccinated), asynchronously online, and synchronously online.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience as in special education leadership role (e.g. administrator, coordinator and/or team leader)
  • Willingness to develop programs in the area of special education as needed
  • Experience providing training to paraprofessionals and school support staff such as O.T., P.T., Psychologists, Counselors in concepts related to special education.

All consultants are independent, self-employed contractors and paid per diem for the days they work. Full day workshops start at $720 a day and half day workshops start at $495 and can increase based on group size.


Interested parties should send a current resume to

Below is a list of our special education related programs in which we would train you to teach.  Consultant/trainers are encouraged to create other topics that are needed by school districts. The trainer would also be eligible to teach any of our general educator programs as well. Following this list of programs is a link to our full program of studies.

  1. Our Special education program has been approved by DOE for 15 special education PDPs/CEUs . The intent is to train general education teachers in the skills they need to better meet the needs of special needs and 504 students in the regular classroom. Many students will return significantly behind other students. They will need learning support but not on an IEP. The program has two objectives. The first is to keep IEP students in their general education classroom with support because it is a better service model. The second is to decrease the number of referrals because general educators can better meet the needs of students with mild special needs and learning gaps without putting them on IEPs. ESE has approved these programs for the 15 PDP/CEUs special education license renewal requirement.

Teacher, Administrator, and School Clinicians

Paraprofessionals and Assistant Teachers

  1. Social-Emotional Learning, Coping with Trauma, Addressing Implicit Bias, and Special Education:  Helping Students and Families- A course for School Clinical Staff and Teachers learning recovery 3-credit graduate course for school clinical staff and teachers who have taken the course above:  See the syllabus at the link below.


  1. Succeeding with Students and Families from Low SES Homes: Socio-economics has always contributed to learning gaps. This gap has significantly widened due to the reduction in face to face live teaching.  This program trains educators in the Ribas Associates 7 components found in chapter 7 of our Instructional Practices book. Chapter 9 includes strategies for engaging parents from low SES households as partners in their children’s education.


  1. The Impact of Pandemic Related Trauma on Students, Parents/Guardians, and Staff    In the next few months the country reopens and life “returns to normal.”  But our students and many of our families will not all “return to normal.”  Family illnesses, family deaths, financial losses (particularly in low SES homes where unemployment was rampant), child abuse (verbal and physical), food insecurity, and suicide ideation will with be with us for years to come.

    1. Social-Emotional Learning (live or online): Ribas Associates is the leading provider of SEL programs in New England. Seventy school districts and universities in Massachusetts and nearly 150 nationwide use Ribas Associates programs and books to implement SEL. We have three books that are endorsed on the CASEL website. One is for teachers and clinicians, one is for parents, and one is for school administrators. CASEL lists them in alphabetical order by author so when you go to the CASEL link you need to scroll down to the “Rs”.

Social-Emotional Learning in the Classroom for Teachers, School Clinicians, and Administrators

Social-Emotional Learning in the Classroom for Paraprofessionals and Assistant Teachers

    1. Co-teaching program as described in detail in chapter 10 of our book Instructional Practices That Maximize Student Achievement and a monograph written by Dr. Deborah Brady. Co-teaching is only successful when educators are specifically trained in the key characteristics and strategies of effective co-teaching.


Ribas Associates Program of Studies: 150 Programs for Teachers, Administrators, School Clinicians, and Paraprofessionals